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Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, news and features

The wait is over. The Galaxy S6 is has been launched at MWC 2015 - and it looks really rather special. It's joined by the Galaxy S6 Edge: a curved screen variant of the phone which won't be sold in at that great a volume. Think Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to the Galaxy Note 4.
But enough about the others - how good is the new Galaxy S6? The short answer is: very good indeed.
We know why you're here though: you want to know everything there is to know about this new phone. Luckily we've been good little phone-gatherers and put all the information in one easy to read place, right here.
n terms of price, it's going to be the same as before, according to the rumours - although it could be a little more expensive given the improved materials used. We're having to say rumours as Samsung hasn't given us anything concrete to work with - but the below information from AndroidPit does hint at some eye-watering prices:
  • · Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB: €749 (around £560, $855, AU$1100)
  • · Samsung Galaxy S6 64 GB: €849 (around £635, $970, AU$1240)
  • · Samsung Galaxy S6 128 GB: €949 (around £710, $1085, AU$1390)
In the UK this should translate into about £38 per month on contract if you want the phone for free.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: 13 things to know

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 flagship smartphones have powerful processors, very high resolution screens and a new metal and glass design – but sacrifices have been made in pursuit of premium materials and a curved screen in Samsung’s war with Apple.

1. To curve, or not to curve

galaxy s6 edge
The Galaxy S6 Edge has a gently curved screen on the left and right sides. Photograph: Laura Lean/PA

Samsung has not one, but two Galaxy S6 models – one with a standard, flat screen similar to most other phones and the Galaxy S6 Edge with a screen that curves around both left and right-hand edges of the phone.

2. It packs in the pixels

Curved or not, the Galaxy S6 has one of the most pixel-dense screens available. The 5.1in screen has a quad HD resolution with a density of 577 pixels per inch (ppi), making it denser than the 432ppi Galaxy S5, 401ppi Apple iPhone 6 Plus– and 43 more pixels per inch than the 534ppi 5.5in LG G3.
The denser the screen the sharper the image, up to a point. Whether users will be able to see the difference is unknown, although quad HD is quickly becoming the new standard for smartphone and tablet screens.

    4. They’ve ditched the plastic

    Out is Samsung’s trademark, yet criticised, chromed plastic construction – the S6 is an all-metal and glass affair. A curved metal band surrounds the edges of the phone holding together a glass front and back.

    5. Thinner than an iPhone, just

    galaxy s6
    Thinner than an iPhone 6, by 0.1mm. Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP

    The S6 and S Edge are 6.8mm thick, which is 0.1mm thinner than Apple’s iPhone 6, although both are roundly trounced to the thinnest smartphone crown by the Oppo R5, which is just 4.85mm thick.

    6. Don’t get it wet

    To achieve that thickness and premium design, the S6 has lost a few features. A microSD card for adding additional storage, waterproofing and a removable battery are all missing, which was a cornerstone of Samsung’s previous Androidsmartphones.

    7. A choice of storage – all fixed

    With no external storage support, Samsung has adopted Google and Apple’s model of fixed storage variants – users will have a choice of buying a 32, 64 or 128GB version.

    8. It uses Samsung’s shiny new chip

    The S6 uses Samsung’s own Octa-core 64-bit Exynos processor. Previous Samsung smartphones have used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, although Exynos variants have been available in some countries.

    9. No cable needed

    wireless charging
    The S6 Edge on a wireless charging plate. Photograph: Yonhap/EPA

    Samsung has pledged to force wireless charging into the mainstream, and the S6 is the first smartphone from the company to have it built-in. It will work with any wireless charging pad currently available, which is good, because there isn’t one included in the box.

    10. Fingerprints: touch, don’t swipe

    Samsung’s improved fingerprint sensor takes a leaf out of Apple’s book, requiring only a single touch rather than swipe across (as was standard with previous Samsung models), which should make it more accurate and easier to use.

    11. Another step towards a world without credit cards?

    Credit cards are dead, if technology firms are to be believed. Samsung haslaunched “Samsung Pay”, which allows users to pay for goods and services using a credit card swipe terminal, joining Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, mobile phone carriers and others attempting to be the new vector for paying for things.

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    Model Rambut Pria Terbaru 2015

    Perlu diketahui jika model muka yang lonjong akan cendrung cocok dengan model rambut yang tampak pada gambar diatas dan sebaliknya. Karena banyak orang yang salah dalam mengkondisikan model wajah, kulit dan model rambutnya sehingga terlihat kurang cocok sekali.