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which country has ak 47 on flag

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which country has ak 47 on its flag

I do not know why Ajay Sharma want me to answer this question. It is enough to answer but I think I might have something to add that has been overlooked by other answerers. This is one question that can effectively respond within two (2) words. I am aware that Quora frown on such practices so I made every effort to make my answer in accordance with the standards of Quora.

ak 47 on flag

I, by no means my comment to degrade or humiliate. My interest is solely in the field of education and to help others become more independent and therefore improve satisfaction most people are able to provide others with useful information. I became "good" and "respect" for everyone concerned. How much better and how much more respect for one can be compared to convey the concept of the precious beyond measure can improve the quality of life questionnaire and the people around them.

It is my intention to not only answer questions but to provide additional, useful information. I prefer to think of it as a "twofer" or "BOGO" or "value-added" the situation.

After some research I found it convenient to one (1) states, Mozambique, to have a family of AK rifles on their national flag.

Because I see a lot Quorans who are not familiar with my theories on the appropriate use of research tools I will describe my method so that others can benefit from my many years of experience. I do not usually quick to reveal the secrets of my hard-earned but I feel, in this case, there are so many users who could benefit from sharing me that it would be bordering on criminal behavior to keep valuable knowledge as to myself. Here is my methodology to answer this particular question. My method is so easy even a child can do it:

  1.     I learned a question and specify that the "flag" and "world" seems keywords. I did not include the "AK-47" because I want to keep my extensive search until I see the benefit to narrow them.
  2.     I type keywords into Google and press [Enter]. alternative search engines such as Duck Go or Dogpile will also be accepted.
  3.     search offers a pdf document containing flags of all nations. This is not an unwieldy document as it contains less than 200 images.
  4.     I scrolled through all the pictures and find the one (1) flag with a representation of the AK family of weapons.

Total time spent in completing all four steps: 147.85 seconds; just short of 2.5 minutes. I'm actually a little disturbed by the hungry cat or will not take long.

Note to Quora bots and human moderator:

My answer is accurate and follow the guidelines Quora of "fun, respect". Yes, certain elements snarkiness and smart-assed-ness of my existence but still "nice" and "respectful" while offering knowledge is not shared by many people here; knowledge of how to use a search engine to help themselves in search of knowledge.

If your mileage varies feel free to do whatever you find necessary.

Here is something I found, and it lists all the weapons.

 nly one I saw had an AK-47, and it was Mozambique. Another:
American Samoa - Spear and Torch

   Angola - Machete

   Barbados - Trident

   Belize - Two Clubs / Two axes

   Guatemala - Two guns w / Bayonet

   Kenya - Two Spears and shields

   Mozambique - AK47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova # 47) Rifle

   Saudi Arabia - Sabre

   Sri Lanka - Dagger held by Griffon

   Swaziland - Two spears and shields

   US Virgin Islands - 3 arrows

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