Rabu, 24 Juni 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, news and features

The wait is over. The Galaxy S6 is has been launched at MWC 2015 - and it looks really rather special. It's joined by the Galaxy S6 Edge: a curved screen variant of the phone which won't be sold in at that great a volume. Think Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to the Galaxy Note 4.
But enough about the others - how good is the new Galaxy S6? The short answer is: very good indeed.
We know why you're here though: you want to know everything there is to know about this new phone. Luckily we've been good little phone-gatherers and put all the information in one easy to read place, right here.
n terms of price, it's going to be the same as before, according to the rumours - although it could be a little more expensive given the improved materials used. We're having to say rumours as Samsung hasn't given us anything concrete to work with - but the below information from AndroidPit does hint at some eye-watering prices:
  • · Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB: €749 (around £560, $855, AU$1100)
  • · Samsung Galaxy S6 64 GB: €849 (around £635, $970, AU$1240)
  • · Samsung Galaxy S6 128 GB: €949 (around £710, $1085, AU$1390)
In the UK this should translate into about £38 per month on contract if you want the phone for free.

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