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How many cups are in a gallon jug

How Many Cups Are In a Gallon,How Many Cups Are In a Gallon, Water is a basic requirement of all living beings, whether human, animal or plant. Water by humans for drinking, cooking, washing, and so forth. Indonesian society generally, prefer a more PRAKTISS. So they prefer to buy mineral water is ready to drink, than they have to boil water let mature. There are many leading brands that sell this mineral water, are like aqua, adess, aquaria, and so forth.

Then to the problem of mineral water packaging is also diverse, from the gallon contains 19 liters up to fill 100ml glasses. Everything that you can buy in the stores closest to you, including minimarket like Indomart and alfamart.
How Many Cups Are In a Gallon
Do You Know How Many Cups Are In a Gallon To calculate how many cups in a gallon, a person needs to know that there are two cups in one pint, there are two pints in 1 liter and there are 4 liters in one gallon. It may come one person to the conclusion that there are 4 cups 1 liter. Because there are 4 liters in 1 gallon, can multiply the person 4 times 4 to determine that there are 16 cups in one gallon.

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