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This Is Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story

Zarkasi.com - This Is Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story About the people who die more than once, may have previously been heard. But if born two times?

No, this is not about reincarnation. Lynlee Boemer, a baby girl in the US, was actually born two times.

First, he was "expelled" from the womb of his mother for an operation to remove a tumor in March. After the operation was successful, he "returned" to the mother's womb until the end, Lynlee really born into the world on June 6.

This Is Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story

Lynlee baby suffered sacrococcygeal teratoma - a tumor that grows on the coccyx since the baby still in the womb, it is very rare, the possibility of case is just one of 30000-70000 births.

In some cases, surgical removal of the tumor may be delayed until the baby was born, but in the case of Lynlee, bone tumor in his tail begins to absorb the flow to the baby and disrupt the function of the liver, because the tumor and the baby in the womb are competing to grow.

Some doctors have suggested Margaret, mother Lynlee, to procure an abortion. But experts at Texas Children's Fetal Centel in Lewsville, Texas decided to remove the tumor on the baby outside the womb. So, at the age of 23 weeks Lynlee out of the womb to make removal of the tumor, and then returned to the age of the mother's womb even nine months.

Later, when asked "when are you born?" Lynlee might be able to answer with a joke, "was born the first or the second?" yes! Unbelievably, Lynlee story is a testament to the utilization of science and technology are growing.

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